Internet of Things Solutions

IoT segments we work with:

  • Consumer IoT
  • Home automation
  • Lifestyle
  • Business IoT
  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Manufacturing

Our custom IoT software development services

IoT projects in the VF&Soft portfolio range from embedded and connectivity solutions to comprehensive platforms backed by AI-based analytics.

We provide custom IoT development services that enable businesses to manage their operational efficiency, set up processes, and provide visibility over departments

by integrating IoT apps, mobile devices, cloud services, and physical objects into a hyper-connected ecosystem built around end users.

  • Custom IoT application development
  • Embedded software programming
  • Firmware & API development
  • IoT Gateway Development
  • IoT consulting services
  • IoT data analytics
  • Cloud server deployment
  • Voice-enabled technology solutions

IoT data flow stages we cover

  • Collect
  • Transport
  • Store
  • Analyse
  • Archive

Reasons for choosing VF&Soft

Developing successful IoT technology requires a balanced understanding of the solutions people and enterprises want and the hardware,

platforms and connectivity required to support them. At VF&Soft, we know exactly how to find that sweet spot, whether your company is a tiny startup or a burgeoning enterprise.

We are experienced in creating complex, scalable systems with cloud technologies — an integral part of IoT.

We are also experienced in creating the simple, accessible interfaces necessary for IoT devices.

We can help you develop a scalable service — think management, data collection, and analytics monitoring — based on a single device or many devices.

We can help you determine how to integrate beaconing into your project, weighing the pros and cons of using short- and long-field Bluetooth.

We’ll help you explore a range of communication interfaces, networking protocols and data capture solutions.

Industries we serve


  • Content Adaptation
  • Platforms to Support Holistic IoT Ecosystem
  • New Insight Monetization


  • Medical Devices
  • Patient, Staff & Inventory Tracking
  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Safety, Security & Compliance
  • Facilities Management
  • Smart Labs
  • Organ on a Chip (firmware implants)


  • Supply Chain & Inventory Optimization
  • Loss Prevention
  • IoT Product Development
  • New Value Chain Utilization
  • Experience Design


  • Manufacturing Operation Efficiency
  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Digital Cockpit
  • Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)


  • Guest Accommodations
  • Energy Management & Maintenance
  • Crowd & Safety Management


  • Industrial Automation
  • Quality Control & Compliance
  • Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Plant Safety & Security


  • Utility Monitoring
  • Energy Saving Applications
  • Inventory Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Data Collection & Storage

Custom IoT solutions for your business

VF&Soft’s custom IoT service enablement is made possible by our fully managed and hosted IoT platform and ecosystem.

Fast — The VF&Soft IoT platform and ecosystem is underpinned by a proven technology stack and provides an accelerated starting point for your IoT service,

resulting in delivery of your custom solution in weeks, not years.

Flexible — VF&Soft’s IoT platform is cloud-hosted and platform-agnostic for optimal access and consistency.

It’s also fully supported with no lock-in risk.

Cost-Effective — Because our VF&Soft IoT platform and ecosystem provide a majority of the functionality needed for any IoT service,

our skilled global workforce is able to develop your turnkey, highly customized IoT service at an attractive price.

VF&Soft’s end-to-end IoT enablement service and platform accelerate your time to market,

revenue, and competitive advantage by delivering custom IoT services faster, more affordably, and with greater flexibility

than in-house development or Application Enablement Platforms (AEPs). We place particular emphasis on user-friendly interfaces,

compatibility with all devices, responsiveness, and seamless integration with both your devices and your existing enterprise systems.