Implementation Approach

Project implementation process is developed specifically for each particular project. Client needs, business domain, worldwide trends, practices and VF&Soft expertise are considered to offer the best value for the Client.

Waterfall or Agile? Canban or SCRUM?

No way to spend Client’s time for theoretical discussions (still, let’s do on spare time…)

VF&Soft selects what really works for particular Client’s needs.

Independently on project, Communication is taken as one of the most important part of the whole process. The goal is to provide the level of awareness and connection which helps Client to stay informed about the project and, at the same time, do not be overloaded with notifications to keep focus on the main business.

Want to be involved deeper? No problem. VF&Soft’s methodology allows involve the Client into the deepest level of the process including micro-managing of the separate team members.

Want to stay away from the details? For sure, VF&Soft builds the process around such a need.

Another key focus area is flexibility. Flexibility to adjust process, to make changes, to scale the team and do all this quickly – is a part of the process itself. VF&Soft’s principle of staying small efficient organization supports the best flexibility ever.