VF&Soft: People and Software.

VF&Soft combines people who need support (Clients), people who provide support (VF&Soft Team) and technologies used to provide this support through software and consulting.

VF&Soft redline strategy is to remain small organization to provide maximum efficiency, flexibility and care while keeping the reliability and quality of services provided by big corporations.

Each Client is unique and deserves unique service and care. Care about Clients is VF&Soft nature. Care at any stage of the cooperation.

What is Care?

  • Listen. VF&Soft knows what proactive listening means!
  • Talk. VF&Soft’s Team keeps continuous communication with Client at every stage of the project
  • Propose. Multi-years experience, consolidated teamwork, deep business analysis allows to offer ideas for Clients
  • Change is a nature of any project and VF&Soft is very supportive for the changes at any stage
  • Support. Help Client with addressing of any needs related to the business
  • Implement. Independently on size and duration of the project, VF&Soft implementation approach provides Client with full awareness, flexibility and, at the same time, allows staying focused on main business. Providing Client with most comfortable and efficient level of involvement is a key focus for VF&Soft team.
  • Take Responsibility. Focus exclusively on providing value for Client’s business. VF&Soft is taking responsibility for the end result. And remain responsible after the project is completed. Easy to say, difficult to implement? Right, and VF&Soft knows how and tens of satisfied Clients are live example of it